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Emory University School of Law (J.D.)


As owner and founder of Booth Law, I am honored to have the opportunity to protect Los Angeles residents from the overreaching power of the government.

Prior to practicing criminal defense, I handled thousands of cases as a Miami-Dade County prosecutor. My experience as a prosecutor gives me a unique perspective which ultimately allows me to create highly effective defense strategies. I understand how the prosecution will approach your case, and knowing what to expect allows me to get the best outcome possible.

During my time as a prosecutor, I saw first hand the injustices that the criminal justice system carries out. I watched my colleagues aggressively prosecute non-violent offenders and sentence people to lengthy prison sentences. This experience motivated me to leave the State Attorney’s office and do everything I could to protect people facing criminal charges. I decided to move back home, to Southern California, to begin my private criminal defense practice.

I have handled cases in almost every courthouse from San Diego to Ventura. I have successfully defended clients facing charges ranging from misdemeanors and DUIs, to serious felonies that carry life sentences. My success stems from the dedication and attention that I give to each client, my understanding of how the prosecution builds a case, and my substantial courtroom experience.

What to Expect

I understand the stress and anxiety of being charged with a crime, and my practice is dedicated to guiding you through these difficult times. Most importantly, I strive to achieve the best results possible. I listen to your side of the story, get to know you, and learn what circumstances led to your charges.

Being charged with a crime is a frightening and difficult process. When your freedom and liberty are at stake, a skilled criminal defense attorney is your greatest ally. I know how devastating a criminal conviction can be, and how important it is to mitigate the damage. I provide the care and attention to detail necessary to best protect your freedom. I will passionately fight for you from the time you hire me through the resolution of your case. I believe in a client-centered practice, and ensure that you will get my uninterrupted focus and attention.

I am here to help and will promptly respond with the answers you need, and fight for you every step of the way. With me as your criminal defense attorney you can expect;

  • Respect
  • Flexible Payment Plans
  • High Quality Trial Performance
  • Excellent Communication and Availability
  • Honesty
  • In-depth Analysis of Evidence
  • Persistent and Aggressive Negotiation
  • Thorough Investigation of Evidence

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