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Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

Whether you are facing felony or misdemeanor charges, Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Miles Booth has the experience necessary to guide you through the criminal justice system. He will fight vigorously to get your life back on track, protect your liberty, and defend your rights.

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Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense Lawyer

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If you, or a loved one, are being investigated, or have been arrested for a crime, contact Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Miles Booth for a free consultation. Miles takes tremendous care with each client. He will answer your questions, review all available evidence, and develop a detailed strategy to defend the charges you are facing.

At Booth Law, we understand how stressful it is to face criminal accusations. We are here for you not only as defense counsel, but as an advocate and resource you can count on during this time of uncertainty. To learn how we can be of service to you, contact us at 424 272 1134.

A criminal conviction, or simply an arrest, can have devastating effects on your life. Your livelihood, family, and freedom are in jeopardy. It is important to contact a skilled criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. An attorney who understands what you are going through and is prepared to stand by your side and fight for you will be your greatest asset.

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"Miles is the best at what he does. He is an excellent lawyer. He was able to get my case dismissed as if nothing occurred. Thank you for rewriting history Miles!”

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer
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Honest Communication

The most frightening part of facing criminal charges is the unknown. Miles Booth will provide an honest and accurate assessment of your options. He will clearly detail each aspect of your case so that you know what to expect, and what will be done to fight your charges. You can rest assured that all of your calls and emails will be returned the same day, and that you will be updated every step of the way.

former prosecutor

When your liberty is at stake, you need an accomplished criminal defense attorney. You need a lawyer that knows how to navigate the courtroom, and will fight to keep you out of jail. Miles Booth is an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer, and former prosecutor, who has handled thousands of cases. He understands how to craft a defense that will give you the best opportunity to get your charges reduced, or your case dismissed.

Miles has spent his entire career inside the courtroom, fighting daily for justice. He has trial experience as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney, and has a thorough understanding of the criminal process. If you’re looking for a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer, contact Miles Booth at 424 272 1134.

When to hire a criminal defense lawyer

If you are being investigated or charged with a crime, it is essential that you hire an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Detectives often pressure suspects to make incriminating statements, and prosecutors sometimes file charges based on weak or faulty evidence. The earlier you consult with a lawyer, the better chances you will have of preventing any mistakes that can jeopardize your case.

A criminal conviction can lead to substantial fines, incarceration, and a record that follows you for the rest of your life. You need a skilled criminal defense attorney who will get a head start developing a strong defense and help you move forward with your life.

Personalized Approach

At Booth Law, we understand the severity of the consequences that you face and how important it is to restore your good name. For this reason, we handle each case with impeccable attention to detail and relentless dedication. You are more than just a number, and are always treated with the utmost care and respect.

Protect your rights

Most people are familiar with the 5th amendment right to remain silent. Unfortunately, not enough people exercise this right when they are questioned by law enforcement. Police are trained to gather information that can be used against you in court. Their questions and interview styles are designed to get that information out of you. No matter what kind of charges you are facing, it is critical that you do not give any statements to the police without a criminal defense lawyer present.

If you’ve been arrested, the police have a duty to inform you of your constitutional right to remain silent, and right to an attorney. You should always take advantage of these rights. An interrogation is a stressful experience, and the detectives goal is to get a confession. Detectives often make false promises, and pretend to be on your side. Once you demand a lawyer, however, all questioning must stop. It is crucial that you exercise your rights, remain silent, and get a lawyer immediately.

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Booth Law defends people facing a wide range of criminal charges, including: DUI, drug possession and trafficking, violent crimes, theft crimes, sex crimes, and all misdemeanor and felony criminal law charges. We are an aggressive Los Angeles criminal defense firm, and our clients appreciate the personalized service and attention we give to each case.

If you or a loved one are in trouble – contact Booth Law now. We offer free consultations, and have the knowledge, skill and experience needed to counsel you through these difficult times. Call 424 272 1134 to schedule your free consultation today.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

Driving Offenses

Driving offenses are some of the most frequently charged crimes. Because of this, people often fail to realize just how serious these charges can be. However, driving offenses sohuld not be taken lightly and require an aggressive defense.
Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

Drug Offenses

The penalties for drug offenses vary widely depending on whether the drugs possessed were intended for personal use or for sale. It is important to fight drug charges in Los Angeles with a skilled defense attorney by your side.
Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer


If you have a criminal history, the expungement process provides an avenue to have your prior conviction(s) removed from your record, and ultmately, give you a fresh start.
Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

Theft Crimes

Common Los Angeles theft crimes inclde, shoplifting and grand theft. Because a theft conviction can make it difficult to obatin employment and carries a serious stigma, it is important to aggressively fight these charges.
Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

Weapon Crimes

California has some of the harshest gun laws in the country. Contact Booth Law to learn how we can help defend you, and protect your liberty.
Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

Domestic Violense

California domestic violence charges make it a crime to harm, or threaten to harm an intimate partner. A conviction may have devastating consequences. As a former domestic violence prosecutor, Miles Booth knows how to best defend you.
Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer


A DUI arrest in Los Angeles triggers criminal proceedings, and separate administrative proceedings with the DMV. If you are facing a DUI learn how to best defend yourself, and protect your driving privilege.
Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes range from simple misdemeanors, like solicitation, to serious felonies, like rape. Regardless of the charge, sex crimes require skilled representation, and a comprehensive defense strategy.
Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

Violent Crimes

A violent crime involves a victim that has suffered an injury, or the threat of an injury. Violent crimes carry some of the harshest penalties in California, including substantial custody time.
Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

Court Process

The criminal court process can be confusing and intimidating. It is important to have a skilled Los Angeles defense attorney by your side.

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Booth Law proudly provides criminal defense services throughout Los Angeles County and Southern California. Miles Booth has handled thousands of cases throughout Los Angeles, and is very familiar with every courthouse in Los Angeles County. If you need a criminal defense lawyer anywhere in Los Angeles or the surrounding counties don’t hesitate to call for a free consultation at 424 272 1134.

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